The Africa Healthcare Federation is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Amit N. Thakker as President of Africa Healthcare Federation. 

A visionary entrepreneur & an industry captain, Dr. Thakker, has been a groundbreaking pioneer in the integration of private sector within the health system in Africa. He continues to support governments, corporates, health organisations and development partners to foster effective Public Private Partnership initiatives towards improved health outcomes.

Dr. Thakker is the chairman of Kenya Healthcare Federation and currently serves as a Director with LumiraDx (USA) & Ghanima Limited (Kenya) and is the Executive Chairman at Africa Health Business.

The Africa Healthcare Federation is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Clare Omatseye as Vice- President of Africa Healthcare Federation. 

Mrs-Clare Omatseye

Ms. Clare Omatseye is the Founder and Managing Director of JNC International Limited (JNCI) and the President of the West African Private Healthcare Federation (WAPHF). She is also a founding member and a former president of the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria (HFN), she has worked to unify the private healthcare sector in Nigeria and influence healthcare policy and practices in the country. Ms. Clare has been instrumental in the development of several healthcare policies and public procurement reforms.

Ms. Clare is passionate about improving the quality of the healthcare industry; she promotes the the improvement of Healthcare Standards as well as Universal Health coverage (UHC) in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


The Africa Healthcare Federation (AHF) is also pleased to announce the election and appointment of its Board of Directors on October 31, 2020. The Board of Directors represent the five regional federations in Africa and will serve a three (3) year terms at Africa Healthcare Federation.AHF-Board

AHF President, Dr. Thakker, announced “The Africa Healthcare Federation is delighted to welcome its new directors for a 3 year term; their unique backgrounds and diverse experience makes them a great asset to the Board. We look forward to working towards a common goal of unifying the voice of the private healthcare sector across Africa. The focus for our term will be on a 3 point agenda that includes healthcare financing, human resources for health and creating an enabling environment for health in Africa.


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