Africa Healthcare Federation

The Africa Healthcare Federation is an independent entity which will serve to unify the five regional private health federations, and advocate, mentor, collaborate and unify the private health sector of Africa so as to ensure the scaling up and strengthening of health systems, spurring greater investments as well as development of affordable, accessible and quality healthcare delivery across the continent.

As a continent with almost 1 billion people and the youngest population across the globe, Africa highlights some unique traits:


More than 50% of the population of Africa is under 25 years old.


Real income has increased by over 30% in the last decade


Africa is currently the fastest urbanizing  region at rate of 37%


More than 60% arable land unused on the continent


Africa has 16 of the world’s  fastest growing economies


Highest mobile user growth across the globe with an estimated  800+ million users by 2022

However, the continent also faces a unique set of economic and healthcare challenges:


14% of world population and expected to double by 2050


25% of the global disease burden and expected 20% increase in NCDs between 2010 and 2020


With only 3% of the world health workforce, there is less than 1 doctor per 1,000 of the population


Less than 30% of the population have access to basic healthcare


Minimal healthcare infrastructures and approximately $25 billion in investments required


Less than 1% of the world’s financial resources

Despite these challenges, the African region is experiencing steady economic growth, and predictions for the coming years remain favorable, with growth rates ranging between 5-6 % – well above the world average of 2.2%. With the increasing role and impact of the private sector, it is now being recognized by the international community as the engine for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

The impact that such growth has on the healthcare sector in particular, is that a growing urban middle class is willing to pay for better treatment, thus widening the door to the private sector, which is in turn starting to play a new vibrant role, often working in partnership with donors and governments to provide better healthcare services and increased access to medicine at an affordable price.

Built to fill the gap of the pressing need for a movement towards access to affordable, quality and equitable health care, AHF presents an organized yet common platform where the private sector can effectively engage the public sector to improve the health business environment and promote pro growth policies that maximize the input of the private sector. AHF has received both support and good will from stakeholders across the globe, including governments in Africa as well as development partners. Established in 2016, Africa Healthcare Federation (AHF) has been formed to unite the private sector, as well as to serve and facilitate collaborations among governments, development partners, and international and domestic healthcare players from the private sector.

AHF Activities