AHFRegions Placeholder
AHFRegions Placeholder

East Africa Healthcare Federation:

East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF) is one of the strongest regional federations in the continent formed in 2012. The region’s Directors are Dr. Amit Thakker, Chairman of the Africa Healthcare Federation, and Dr. Ian Clarke from the Uganda Healthcare Federation. The EAHF is comprised of the Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF), Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF), Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFT), the Ethiopia Healthcare Federation (EHF). In formation are also the South Sudan Healthcare Federation as well as the Burundi Healthcare Federation.

To strengthen cross-country learning and collaboration opportunities, EAHF holds annual conferences. The East African Healthcare Federation has convened a full range of global leaders committed to positively transforming health systems by creating a platform transfer knowledge, share best practices and innovations in health, engage and network. This year’s annual conference will be held in Nairobi on September 4-6th, 2019 at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi under the theme of “From Strategy to Action: Advancing Health Systems in the SDG Era”

West Africa Healthcare Federation:

The West African Federation of Alliances of the Private Sector of Health or the Fédération Ouest Africaine du Secteur Privé de la Santé (FOASPS) is led by Dr. Ardo Ba from the Private Health Sector of Senegal, and Ms. Clare Omatseye from the Nigeria Healthcare Federation.  The FOASPS is comprised of the Nigeria Healthcare Federation, Senegal Healthcare Federation, Ghana Healthcare Federation, Benin Healthcare Federation, Cote d’Ivoire Healthcare Federation.

The FOASPS has its first annual meeting this year in Contonou, Benin on July 17th and 18th, 2019. Since its inception, the West Africa Healthcare Federation (FOASPS) has united the private health sector in the region, this year’s conference will provide a platform for sharing of knowledge and best practices.

North Africa Healthcare Federation:

The North Africa Healthcare Federation, under the leadership of Ms. Layla Sentissi from the Morocco Healthcare Federation; Ms. Ghada Ganzouri from Egypt, as well as Professor Hatem El Gabaly, former Minister of Health of Egypt. The Federation is in dialogue among countries to launch the North Africa Healthcare Federation

Southern Africa Healthcare Federation:

The Southern Africa Healthcare Federation is represented by Professor Morgan Chetty, Ms. Anushcka  Coovadia, Dr. Ramesh Bhoola – from the Healthcare Federation of South Africa. The Southern Africa Healthcare Federation is currently under formation with the inauguration of the Healthcare Federation of South Africa on July 21, 2019. A strong country federation is the first step in creating strong regional federations.

Central Africa Healthcare Federation:

With the leadership of Dr. Jean Youmba from Camerron and Dr. Jean Ovaga from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Healthcare Federation is a nascent federation. Various countries in the region are facilitating dialogue amongst themselves in order to launch the regional federation and strengthen public-private partnerships.