Following the AHBS III in Johannesburg, South Africa on “Achieving UHC in Africa: Stronger Together!” through PSSB Benin, the country was selected to host the 1st West Africa Healthcare Federation (FOASPS) in July 2019, with the participation of other platforms from within the region and the continent. The meeting in Cotonou will focus on the theme: Accelerating Universal Health Coverage through Private Sector for Africa’s Development.

The objective of the meeting is to contribute through public-private dialogue to the establishment of effective universal health coverage involving the private sector in Africa.

The conference aims specifically for private sector platforms to:

  • Identify the challenges of private sector involvement in UHC and propose solutions for the six pillars of strengthening the health system;
  • Identify sustainable institutional strengthening and empowerment strategies for national, sub-regional and regional private health sector platforms for participatory and efficient UHC in Africa;
  • Define a rigorous framework for monitoring the implementation of resolutions at the national, sub-regional and regional levels for a sustainable private sector contribution to UHC in Africa.

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