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#AHBS2021💡We are glad to have among us Hon. Dr. Wilhelmina Jhalla, Minister of Health Liberia to discuss the power of partnerships & maximising the role of development partners in health towards #SDGs.
🗓Thur, 24th June
⏰ 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm EAT

3 "Partnerships were essential. We're now being called on again to scale up partnership for vaccinations. This is the largest test of the true partnership." @docthakker #PPPs

2 "Two months into the pandemic, PCR testing was being carried out almost exclusively by public sector. But then the private sector came in and tripled the level of access to testing." @docthakker

(A Thread)
1"Almost a year ago, we had only 2 countries that carried out PCR http://testing.Today, almost all countries in Africa are able to carry out PCR testing to a very high standard."
@docthakker #privatesector

Dilemma: Should African Nations hold onto the expired doses of Covid-19 vaccines for possible use amidst shortages ? #healthcare #publichealth Africa Healthcare Federation What's your view ? #africawewant #leavenoonebehind

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